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Making life of parents and children easier, simpler and more fun


Contributing to the healthy and happy growth of a baby is our biggest reason for existing. Knowing that we help families take better care of their newest members makes us thrilled!

Cajovil was born from the meeting of a group of people who really wanted to offer better plastic products to Brazilian families. It took not long before the baby line was the most successful one in the whole company, which contributed enormously to achieving the dream of having in this segment, the main product line of Cajovil. There were many challenges to implement the most appropriate products for each stage, but with all our dedication, and research and development, Cajovil was able to overcome all difficulties and establish itself as a company specialized in serving the Brazilian babies. All of this was accomplished listening to the most interested parties: you, Dad and Mom!

This vision of ours supports the importance of perfectionism in manufacturing each of our products. We constantly invest in technology, research and we listen to our customers’ opinions in order to always offer the best product, aiming at the full satisfaction of each one of them! That is why today we have the largest mix of products in Brazil for the baby line segment, produced in an area of 20.000 square meters of total dedication to the babies.

Cajovil currently owns its own brand: Adoleta Bebê and exclusively represents Nûby (US) and  Dreambaby (Australia). Each one of them occupies a part of Cajovil’s heart, helping parents in the different moments of their baby’s life.

We have presence nationwide, and our products are available for sale in the main Brazilian wholesalers, retail stores, baby specialized chains and marketplaces / e-commerces too. We also export to Latin America, Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia!

Child Safety

Our inspiration is the safest products in the world, and therefore we apply strictest quality standards. For example, our products are proven to be BPA-free, banned in Brazil for children's products since 2012.In addition, they are free of phthalates, a carcinogen chemical enemy. 

Environmental Concern

And our concern does not end there: we do not use recycled raw materials! Only virgin or pure materials with non-toxic certificates, i.e., without heavy metals or impurities. In addition, we are fully committed to environmental preservation. It is one of our biggest concerns to contribute to a better world for our children, so our entire disposal process is ecologically responsible.

All this because we want to offer safe, resistant, odor-free and ecological products with more quality and safety for babies <3 


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